Workout schedule

– I should say that I had no time to read this thru, so don’t get too annoyed with all the typos, will be improved a bit later on –

When I first started my journey, getting rid off this extra weight, I met with a personal trainer (SATS, Finland). We had two (free) session and she made a training schedule for me.

I also took part in this thing called 12 Week Body transformation. 12WBT is desinged by an australian trainer and what she offers is everything you need for 12 weeks when thinking of getting fit. Michelle Bridger, the trainee, has differend level for people, and you can pick, which ever you feel like. This can be changed later on. She then gives you detailed excercise schedules and a shopping list for each week – items on that list are the only ones youare allowed to buy when entering a store. She also gives you receipes for all your meal during those 12 weeks (different options for vegetarians, etc.)

What I did was a lot of combination. I made my own mix based on these two sources and excercise wise it was something like this:


  1. 20-30 mins of running/cross tainer: I was NOT able to run when I startes. Not at all. Not even a bit. The first few weeks I simply walked and everyday i walked a bit faster than the day before. Once I reached the speed of 6.8km/h i changed my schedule. i walked for a minute (6,8km/h) then ran for anotmer minute (8.1km/h). i continued this till the end. Once this was easy I made the running part a bit longer, walk for a minute and ran for 2 minutes (8,2km/h). Once this was ok to do I ran for 3 minutes (8,3km/h). Thn one day I had walked for the first minute and ran for the next 3 minutes and I felt ok. So I kept on running and I was able to run 3K. I was so, so, so happy! These days I warm myself up with a one-minute walk and then I start running. I run as far as I can, and then i walk a bit and continue running. I won’t stop before 3K, but I am everyday aiming for more.
  2. The following excercises followed.
  • Try to keep yourself in the position for at least 30sec (at the beginning) and 1 minute later on. Then 1,5minutes, etc.


  • Lay on the floor, out your arms straight behind you (excercise ball between your arms). Lift the ball up (arms straight) and at the same time lift you legt up (legs can be bend – easier).  Move the ball from you hand between you legs, and come down (ball is not between your legs (or “knees”). Repeat 3×15.

  • This is then followed by some weight lifting. I started with2,5kg x2 and I now use 6kg x 2. Stand with your legs appart, knees bend a little bit. Squat down while holding the weights behhind you head/ sholder height.

  • I combinated the three above into a circle. I did each ones, and then the other followed by the third and stater again from the beginning. Three rounds and it’s done!
  • Then I leave my body at the mercy of the machines themselves.
  • First I kick it off by saying hello to my abs. The machine is called total abs (at my gym) and I crunch down with my upper body, while I pull my legs up. At the beginning my weigts were around 20kg and now they are 47,5-50kg. 3×15.

  • Then its time for my back. I have no idea what the machine is called, but includes no weights. I use my own body. The machinge hods my lower body still and I then lower my upperbody and raise back to where I started from. The position before lowering looks similar to the position in the following picture, but the picture shows how the same thing is done with an excercise ball. 3×15.

  • Then I let my arm do some work. When I started my weights were 10kg and now I pile 30kg for my arms. Simply hold to the sides and push upwards. That is all. Works like a wonder and has transformatted my décolleté to something it has never been like before. Thumps up! 3×15.

  • And what comes after arms? Legs, legs, legs. As I do squats at the beginning and I run, this is the only machine I use simply for my legs – and only for the inner thights. Machine is pretty self exploratory.3×15.

  • Then its time for upper  body and some work for arms as well. I have two machines, and each time Im at the gym I use one or the other. Which ever happens to be free.
  • That is the end of the scond round. Easy, eh? 2/3 done, so sweat is not an unknow fact anymore at this point.

    3.  This is the time for streching. How this part is done, is up to the each person. I strech my arms, legs, back and neck. Sometime go back to the beginning and run for 5-10 mins or use the cross trainer for about 10 minutes. All together my workout takes about an hour and fifteen minutes to an hour and half. And it also depends how long I have when looking at this last run/cross bit. My pace is pretty fast and my breaks are pretty short. This is due to keeping my pulse as high as I can. I normally spent around 500-800 calories during my workout. i think is pretty good as at least it has worked for me.

I hope this gave someone a feeling that they can do it, no matter what someone might have said. Believe in yourself is all you need to make this happen. Im sorry for all millions of typos in this post, but I had no time to read it thru – that I will do later on. Bear with me!


Laura aka Finch

Pictures I used for this post were taken from internet and all the links to these pictures can be found below:,,20385798_3,00.html


2 thoughts on “Workout schedule

  1. Hey Laura,

    How do you know how much calories you spent during your workout? Except there is a measuring thingy on treadmill, how can you know from the weight exercises?

    Did you personal trainer explain the meaning behind the plan she made for you? I saw you training all groups of muscles in the same day (upper and lower body) In my plan, I do each group of muscles everyday. For example I do arms, shoulder, ab in a day. For the other day I do leg, thighs, butt and ab. So my muscles have time to rest

    Btw, what kind of diet plan have you followed? I’m trying to do the 1000kcl meal plan but I just fucked it up every second day :S Maybe I have to raise it up a bit to 1200kcl/day. I think nutrition part is the hardest part. Must be really strict to ourselves :S

  2. Its mentioned at the end of the post – I consume around 600-800 cals per workout 🙂 I have my own”calculator” – Polar watch + belt and it does all the calcultaions for me. Great little thing!

    I had a draft made like that – but it doesnt suit me – my body reacts better if I beat the whole thing in once. This is not the schedule made for me by my trainer. As I worte I did a lot of combination with all the hints and plans I got. This is one done by me. I workout two days in a row, then rest for one day, then two again, and rest for one day. I originally was suppose to workout two days, rest for one, workout three days and rest for one, etc. But everytime i hit the third day, I was not able to do anyhting as my body was so dead. So I changed it, and its been working for me.

    Originally my plan was around 1200cals, but I realized that I dont need to calculate it that carefully at this point, as I dont eat that much – once I get closer to my goal I will start paying more attention to that factor. You can book a PT for one session where you only talk about the nutrition part – its the hardest and the msot important. At least SATS has that opportunity – I cant speak for other gyms, as I have no clue.

    I ahve another PT meeting in a week and a ahalf, and Ill post then if I learn something new and exciting 🙂

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